A rigorous approach.

Our investments have a positive impact.

GSA is committed to doing business responsibly and in a way that considers, and positively contributes to, the broader environment and society.

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We are committed to meeting all legislative requirements in the jurisdictions we operate in whilst exceeding industry best practice.

Our governance structure ensures that business activity, especially the assessment of investment opportunities, complies with our rigorous due diligence process, which includes meeting specific criteria and environmental, social and governance (ESG) requirements.

Investing in assets with efficient energy consumption and strong sustainability credentials will achieve improved yields and valuations over time, driven by market demand and investor expectations. These assets secure higher occupancy and operating income and strong relationships with universities.

As a business, we ensure our third-party providers meet our requirements and embrace our values to help us deliver against our ESG commitments.

Our approach to ESG

We are focussed on three areas:

  1. Environmentally conscious investments
  2. Healthy & safe environments
  3. Rigorous governance

Find out more about our approach to ESG

GSA Approach to ESG document